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“Judge me not by my name or title.
For I am but what I have achieved.”

Ibn Al Wardi, Arab Historian & Philosopher

Our Story

Gratiya Advisory was founded by a dynamic and diverse collective of practitioners, with a track record of delivering game-changing initiatives across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our expertise, cultivated worldwide, is deeply rooted in this thriving region, granting us a profound understanding of its aspirations and distinct needs.

The Idea That Drives Us

Deeply connected to the fabric of the Global South, we are united by our belief in the immense potential of its future, a unique narrative defined by its own. We are passionate, driven and dedicated to enabling our clients to claim their place of impact, where it matters.

From our epicentre in Dubai, a global crossroads, we leverage deep expertise, extensive connections and world-class skill sets to deliver tangible and lasting results.

Our Philosophy

“Judge me not by my name or title. 

For I am but what I have achieved.”

– Ibn Al Wardi, Historian & Philosopher

A legacy beyond name: For us, true merit transcends mere name or brand. We believe that to serve is to deliver value and impact that stands the test of time.

Our Guiding Principles

Our values guide every action, decision, and collaboration at Gratiya.


The Global South possesses world-class skill sets, talent and expertise for delivering top-quality advisory work. It is our belief and our promise.


At the core of our reputation, is the trust we build with our clients and the confidence they place in us. It is our commitment to doing what is right at all times, even whilst facing challenges and temptations.


Genuine success is more than achieving exceptional outcomes. It is about empathy, relationships rooted in respect, listening without judgement and delivering with humility.

The Gratiya Way

Our Belief

Every problem has a solution. Every dream can be a reality. Nothing is impossible if we think and work together.

Our Method

We are unconventional, data-driven, research-based and results-oriented.

Our Promise

We remain committed until your vision is realised.

Our Drive

We invest for success,
yours and ours.


The Gratiya Colours

Our deep connection to the Global South, informs and inspires all aspects of our work including our brand. Our colour palette is inspired by the vivid, varied and beautiful nature and customs in the Global South.

Charcoal Black

Used in cave paintings to ceremonial body art in Africa and Asia.


Invoking the sand dunes of Arabia and Africa.

Peacock Teal

Inspired by the native bird of South Asia.

Duck Egg Blue

Reflecting the clear, soothing oceans of Africa and Asia.


Eliciting the plant originating from the Middle East and Asia.

Olive Green

Reflecting the rich harvest of olives in the Middle East and Latin America.

Sun Orange

Capturing the magnificent sunrise and sunsets in the Global South.