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Building meaningful connections and enhancing reputation through authentic narratives, smart messaging and powerful campaigns.


Our world thrives on the power of authentic communication and exchanges. At Gratiya, we shape this power to reflect your purpose and vision. Our practice goes beyond mere speech — it is about resonating, acting and creating impact.

Elevating Messages, Amplifying Voices, Shaping Impact.

With a blend of global insights and cultural nuances, we support you in owning your narrative, shaping opinions of target audiences, driving change, and spurring action.


Nation & Territorial Branding

Identity Study & Strategy Development

Crafting strategies for positioning, development, and promotion of countries and destinations; to enhance place/ territory competitiveness.

Planning & Operations

Supporting the design and execution of plans to attract tourists, investors, businesses, and residents.

Destination Partnerships

Stakeholder engagement models and partnership formation, with a focus on economic and infrastructure, policy frameworks, and joint marketing.

Capacity Building

Design and delivery of capacity-building programmes aimed at empowering local stakeholders with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustained growth.

Cultural & Sports Diplomacy

Global Stakeholder Engagement

Strategies to engage diverse audiences and foster positive perceptions.

Cultural Initiatives

Design and implementation of initiatives that showcase cultural richness and heritage on a global platform.

Sports Diplomacy Campaigns

Development of strategy and campaigns around global sports to drive economic growth, and intercultural exchange and catalyse societal transformation.

International Partnerships Development

Identifying and establishing strategic partnerships between organisations, institutions, or governments, on a global scale.

Impact Assessment & Reporting

Evaluating the impact of initiatives, providing data-driven insights and recommendations for future programmes and legacy strategy.


Strategic Communication & Campaigns

Sentiment Analysis

Research-based, data-driven analysis of your standing among stakeholders and audience groups.

Campaign Design

Shaping compelling messages that resonate with your target audience.

Content Development

Develop compelling and targeted content for various media platforms.

Media Planning & Execution

Bringing your campaign to life across diverse channels and platforms to secure the results that you seek.

Outreach & Advocacy

Engaging with key influencers and decision-makers to garner support for your initiatives.

Metrics & Performance Analytics

Detailed insights into KPIs to allow you to assess campaign effectiveness and refine your approach based on real-time data.


Reputation Management

Reputation Assessment

Through tracking and monitoring mentions, reviews, and discussions around the project and/or organisation to assess risks and understand public views and consumer preferences.

Opinion Management

Managing online reviews and testimonials, addressing negative feedback, and encouraging positive reviews.

Customised Reputation Solution

Tailoring services to create and promote positive and relevant marketing content, including articles, blog posts, and press releases.

Employee Training

Training employees in maintaining a positive online presence and representing the brand effectively.

Thought Leadership

Content Development

Developing proprietary research to generate original content and crafting high-quality whitepapers that align with industry trends and address relevant issues.

Executive Positioning

Elevating key leaders within the organisation to be recognised as authoritative voices in their fields.

Women’s Empowerment and Leadership

Initiatives to spotlight female role models and enhance women’s empowerment to shape a more inclusive and equitable future.

Digital Presence Enhancement

Strategies for optimising online profiles and visibility to reflect thought leadership positioning.

Metrics and Analytics

Establishing KPIs to measure the success and impact of thought leadership efforts and analysing data to refine strategies and positioning.


Crisis Communications

Risk Mapping and Analysis

Identifying, assessing, and visualizing potential risks and uncertainties systematically.

Issues and Crisis Preparedness Planning

Creating robust communication plans to navigate and mitigate the impact of crises on organisation’s reputation.

Rapid Response Team

Establishing a dedicated team and protocols for timely and effective communication during major issues and crises.

Issues and Crisis Recovery

Implementing measures to swiftly address and mitigate challenges and safeguard reputation in the face of unforeseen issues or crises.