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Helping your growth in a transitioning world order by navigating market complexities and unlocking opportunities with incisive insights and vital connections.


The complex dynamics of the Global South demands deep experience and connections as prerequisites for success. We specialise in decoding complexity and helping you forge vital connections to enable your ideas and initiatives to thrive.

Profound Insights, Trusted Connections, Strategic Alliances.

We leverage our deep understanding of people, politics and policy to align commercial and public interests. We deploy nuanced advocacy and negotiations to bridge divides and open doors to opportunities


Government Relations

Legislative and Regulatory Analysis

In-depth assessment of legislation and regulatory frameworks impacting your business and project.

Government Engagement

Support with engagement at the right levels.

Issues Resolutions & Advocacy

Support in resolving disputes and advocating for your interest in pertinent issues.


Trade & Investment Advisory

Market Analysis & Report

Unique information on markets and sectors.

Prospects & Opportunities Identification

Mapping and analysis of best prospects in markets.

Partnership & Alliances

Forging alliances and partnerships at the highest levels of influence to deliver strategic outcomes.

Commercial Reputation Enhancement

Special initiatives and programmes to enhance visibility and competitiveness in target markets.


International Market Expansion

Sector-Specific Research & High-Level Strategy

Market expansion roadmap, driven by proprietary research and intelligence.

Intelligence & Vetting

Gathering and assessing information for informed decision-making and risk mitigation.

Investor/Partner Identification & Introduction

Mapping of partners/ investors and engagement strategy and execution

Regulatory, Governance & Compliance Advisory

Counsel on regulatory and compliance requirements and governance models that ensure adherence whilst supporting growth.

Brand Localisation

Strategies to adapt and localise your brand for diverse international audiences.

Business Culture & Protocol Coaching

Customised training on mastering cultural norms and professional protocols.