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Ensure regulatory adherence and mitigate risks effectively with our robust solutions for sustainable growth.


In an ever-evolving complex business and political landscape, meticulous governance and robust risk management are essential to secure operations and reputation globally. We provide the compass for navigating the intricate terrains of risk, governance and compliance.

Safeguarding Future, Preserving Reputation.

With a considered methodology, we merge global best practices with regional and local considerations to craft resilient, compliant and value-driven frameworks.


Corporate Governance

Board Governance Framework & Audit

Evaluate effectiveness and performance of the board.

Board Design and Transformation Support

Counsel and facilitate changes to board structures and committees for improved governance.

Succession Planning

Advisory on owners’, CEOs, and directors’ succession, next generations’ development, and family governance.

Worker Welfare

Policies, Standards & Training Materials

Design, development, and implementation of compliance practices safeguarding human rights and organisational expectations and requirements.

Human Rights Assessment

Strategic review of all risks related to human rights across your company operations.

Overseas Recruitment Evaluations

Deep-dive investigations into overseas recruitment practices and agencies

Audit, Assessment, and Reporting Templates

Checklists, inspections, and audits on employment practices, accommodations, and transportation.

Monitoring & Supply Chain Assessments

Ongoing education and continuous improvement with suppliers to improve worker welfare awareness and ensure legal compliance.

Worker Interviews

Strictly confidential interviews in native language to ensure the health, safety, and dignity of workers, when required, to assess compliance.


Ethical Supply Chain

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Assessing supply chain vulnerabilities to identify and prioritise potential risks, to enable proactive mitigation.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Devising strategies for risk management in disruptions, logistics, and dependencies, and enhancing resilience.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning to ensure your organisation can continue operating during and after disruptive events.